"Dr. Ford" sheet music
Dr. Ford's theme
From Westworld (HBO) - Ramin Djawadi

Complete. I started with that interesting middle part (measure 71), and ended up working out the whole thing. This is the real deal (unfortunately for me, it's actually beyond my ability to play)

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"Computer, What Day Is It?" sheet music
Computer, What Day Is It?
From Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - In the Pale Moonlight - David Bell

I like David Bell's uniquely haunting style here - feels like some mode caught between minor and major

Me playing it on piano (

Or see this video showing off AI upscaling (itself impressive) which uses it as background music (

Download "Computer, What Day Is It?" Piano Arrangement
"The Ocean" sheet music
The Ocean
From The Expanse - Clinton Shorter

Reasonably simple, but the counterpoint can get tricky.

See it in context in this clip (

Adapted from the soundtrack ( which has some slight differences

Download "The Ocean" Piano Arrangement
"Discovery theme" sheet music
"Discovery" theme
From Beast Wars (Transformers) - Robert Buckley

Short (one line of music). Something about the mode has always captivated me. Indeed David Bell's Star Trek music (as above) often feels like a similar style. A lot of the Beast Wars themes I always liked.

See this clip (

Download "Discovery" theme Piano ArrangementDownload "Discovery" theme Vocal+Strings Arrangement
"Night at the Opera" sheet music
Night at the Opera (work in progress)
From Quantum of Solace (James Bond) - David Arnold
Download "Night at the Opera" Piano Arrangement (work in progress)
"The Sound of Music" sheet music
The Sound of Music
Richard Rodgers

Short and sweet, but I'm proud of it because I took the one line and fleshed it out into two hands

Download "The Sound of Music" Piano Arrangement

Ben Folds
"Late" on Youtube
opus 28
Dustin O'Halloran
"opus 28" on Youtube
Little One

A short song I created after a date went south

"Little One" on Youtube
Dustin O'Halloran
"fine" on Youtube
Where Is My Mind?
Maxence Cyrus
"Where Is My Mind?" on Youtube
Computer, What Day Is It?
David Bell

From Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Arranged for piano by me (sheet music above)

"Computer, What Day Is It?" on Youtube