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Entirely in Russian. Unfamiliar words/ideas are explained in Russian as well. She explains things slowly and clearly.

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(declensions, conjugations)

I can't overstate how valuable this site has been. Basically, it converts to or from any form of any word. After all, when a word is in a different form and you don't know the original, you can't look it up in the dictionary. It also helps with irregular changes. Does a bit of translation too.


Russian case chart

I never found a great all-in-one chart, so I made one myself.

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(I think it's worth getting used to grammatical terms in the language itself:)

  • Падеж: case*
    • Именительный: nominative
    • Родительный: genitive
    • Дательный: dative
    • Винительный: accusative
    • Творительный: instrumental
    • Предложный: prepositional
  • Род: grammatical gender
    • Мужской род: masculine
    • Средний род: neuter
    • Женский род: feminine
  • Прилагательные: adjectives

* Fun fact, there remain vestiges of some otherwise-extinct cases: